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Clients / Patients

  1. Click here to download the free Vinitial Nextgen app in the Apple App Store
  2. Select "I'm a Patient or Client"
  3. Log in (or register)
  4. Search your provider's name, practice name, or ZIP code
  5. Connect to them and send a secure message

Healthcare Provider / Professional

  1. Register your practice's FREE public profile to start attractive prospective clients here.
  2. Once registered and logged in click to download the free Vinitial Nextgen app in the Apple App Store
  3. Select "I'm a Provider or Professional"
  4. Log in (or register here)
Creating a team takes only a few minutes. You or your front desk can send email invitations to your staff to add clinical and administrative accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if it comes from an unsecured device or unsecured application.

Regular, personal cell phone texting is Short Message Service (SMS) which is an open, unsecure network. These text messages are unsecured when sent during transport, unsecured when it reaches the recipient's device, and unsecured at rest, while it is on that recipient's device. So, SMS texting is NOT HIPAA-compliant.

But, don't just take my word for it. Here's a link from the website HIPAA Journal titled "Healthcare Professionals Violate HIPAA With Personal Phones."

"Healthcare professionals violate HIPAA with personal phones."

The article talks about texting such as protected health information (PHI) which may include:

  • patient's first or last name
  • patient's initials ("DK")
  • phone numbers, including cell phone number
  • email address
  • diagnosis
  • results to tests and measures

As a practice owner, it's possible be fined for texting provider-patient or provider-provider content.

...$10,000-50,000 per HIPAA violation.

Here's another resource, but check your particular state's HIPAA-compliance guidelines:

"5 inadvertent HIPAA violations healthcare providers make"


Our platform allows the ability to securely export a PDF from Vinitial and into the medical record.

If PTs/owners are privately texting (SMS - Short Message Service) with patients after exchanging cell phone numbers, there's no easy way to export those text messages from your phones and into their medical record.

Getting this communication into the patient's medical record is important for:

  • papertrail
  • liability (safety net)
  • potential audits (Medicare, Medicaid, etc.)
  • cases and case managers
  • MVA accident claims
  • Worker's Compensation claims

Let me know, would exporting this communication to the medical record be important for you?

YES, we can and do help, of course!

Any secure messaging vendor should have a live person to conduct some or all steps on customer onboarding, as well as be accessible over phone and email, if needed.

With integrating secure app texting, patients may require a few reminders to join in and register.

Reminders may include verbal from the provider and from the front desk, as well as handouts (provided by vendor - below), or email reminders.

Patient onboarding is vital.

Attached (below) is our simple 4 steps to successful patient boarding PDF.

This can be posted in your office, printed and handed out to patients, and/or saved and emailed to patients.

At Vinitial we help all of our new practices with onboarding via phone calls, text, and emails, as well as providing scripts/templates to best describe and introduce Vinitial to patients.

YES, you can use Vinitial to text local MDs/referral sources:

  • quick patient updates
  • any related clinical question

I know it's tough to get ahold of physicians (especially primary care physicians, orthopaedists, and surgeons) over a phone call.

It may be helpful to introduce to service to your referral sources for securely texting patient protected health information so that it isn't texted over personal cell phones.

WE can HELP....

Let us know if you'd like help in contacting your local physicians/referral sources to potentially onboard those providers.

Do you already email or personally text your MDs/referral sources?

Return on Investment (ROI) Data from a PT Private Practice Owner using Vinitial:

Vinitial improved visit arrival rate by nearly 2%
when comparing Q2 2015 vs. Q2 2016.
A private practice (2 full-time PTs at Schuld Physical Therapy, in Maple Shade, NJ) treating 12 patients per day per therapist with an average cancel/no-show rate of 10.1%
24 visits/week = 480 visits/month
= 10.1% cancel rate
= 432 visits
24 visits/week = 480 visits/month
= 8.4% cancel rate after using Vinitial
= 440 visits
8 visits/month MORE when using Vinitial!

Schuld PT owner David Schuld welcomes any questions via email DavidSchuldPT@gmail.com.

Average In-Network reimbursed visit = $70
$70 x 8 visits/month = $560 ROI/Month
$560/month x 3 months (Q2 above) = $1,680 ROI/Quarter
$560/month x 12 months = $6,720 ROI/Year
$560 - $29.99/month = $530.01 Profit to Practice/Month
$530.01 x 3 months = $1,590.03 Profit to Practice/Quarter
$530.01 x 12 months = $6,360.12 Profit to Practice/Year

*If your practice is Out-Of-Network or Cash-based, then this can be more!

Yes, Vinitial is HIPAA-compliant!

Vinitial takes privacy and security very seriously and has engineered our platform to meet - and exceed - the security requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

As such, Vinitial ensures that all data stored and shared through our services is fully encrypted in transit and at rest.


Providers and clients can access our mobile application and web-based application from any modern web browser - no additional software required.

Whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone Vinitial is the easiest way to stay connected to your patients between visits.

After being invited, patients can access Vinitial by downloading our smartphone app from the Apple App Store.


Vinitial is available to an unlimited number of providers and patients, forever.

As the Admin you're free to invite as many team members to collaborate with as you'd like, and can invite any number of clients to connect with you through Vinitial.

Moreover, the Vinitial team can help to invite and onboard all of your patients onto the platform - we're here to help.

Many practices prefer to include both clinical accounts, as well as administrative accounts such as Front Desk, Billing Department, and more! (all included in monthly or annual memberships)

While many providers find Vinitial to add value to their practices without integration, we are currently working on adding EMR integrations.

Yes. In order to help support the critical work nonprofit healthcare organizations perform, Vinitial offers a discount upgrade to our paid plans for eligible 501(c)3 organizations. Contact us at sales@vinitial.com so we can learn more about your organization.

Security & Privacy

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