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    A HIPAA messaging app
    to recover & refill visit slots
    worth $1,000 every month!

Why Vinitial?

Clients love Vinitial to easily communicate with their provider and schedule visits with the front desk via messaging.

Practice owners love Vinitial for front desk efficiency and online scheduling to refill open appointment slots boosting revenue (plus an increase in patient satisfaction communicating with their provider or front desk).

How to start?

It's so easy to start if you're a client/patient or healthcare provider/professional.

Clients/Patients should redirect to the "download the app" page for them to get the app and connect to their provider.

Healthcare provider/Professionals should redirect to the "sign up" for the provider/owner to begin the new customer sign up workflow.

The benefits?

For clients/patients: securely communicate with your healthcare provider, their front desk or billing staff, or your health and wellness professionals, rather than personal texting or phone calls.

For practice owners/providers: more communication leads to better relationships, decreased cancel and no-show rates, and with the ability for your front desk to recover and re-fill open appointment slots via messaging patients/clients rather calling dozens of patients. This leads to happier patients, happier staff, and more revenue

Find A Doctor And Contact Them Without Calling!

Found a doctor and need to call them? Just use Vinitial.

Diagnose Your Practice

See how your practice can fill empty visit slots, and recover revenue, instantly

Use Vinitial to get back to WHAT you LOVE!

  • Connect to Healthcare Providers
  • Secure Communication
  • Online Scheduling


See what practice owners are saying about Vinitial

In Q2 2014, our cancellation/no-show rate was over 10%. After using Vinitial with our patients for HIPAA texting without exchanging cell phone numbers, our Q2 2015 cancel/no-show rate was 8.4% - our lowest ever! The difference was 24 visits, with our reimbursement at about $70/visit. That was an extra $1,680/quarter return on investment (ROI).

thumb David Schuld, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS
Owner of Schuld Physical Therapy, Maple Shade, NJ

Vinitial gives us an opportunity to get messages from patients in a HIPAA-compliant manner and we can respond to those messages throughout the day as we have time. It allows us to clarify any issues a patient might have or address any concerns they might have and it enhances our relationship with those patients.

thumb John Salva, MPT
Owner of Impact Physio, Clarks Green, PA

Thanks for developing such an amazing product. I just had a patient sign up for free and message me and it worked beautifully!

thumb Lori Webster, PT, DPT, MS, Cert MDT
Owner of PT Works, Mauston, WI

Vinitial has already allowed us to have improved communication with our patients and be more efficient in office operations.

thumb Marc Rubenstein, PT, DPT, OCS
Co-Owner of Jersey Physical Therapy, Plainsboro, NJ

I'm excited to use Vinitial app - a HIPAA-compliant text messaging system. HIPAA-compliant being that we can talk about patient's medical records and issues on a safe platform where that information won't get stolen or go out to any one else, because I want that communication outside of the session with me to be a key to my patient relationships.

thumb Ryan Smith, PT, DPT, ATC
Owner of UMove Physiotherapy, Columbus, OH

I would be honored to tell all who will listen about the quality of your product and the class and professionalism of the owners and staff.

thumb Darren Rhodia, PT, MS, DPT
Owner of Kinetic Physical Therapy, Chester Springs, PA
2015 APTA PPS Practice of the Year